What’s the #1 channel that gives the best ROI in India?

Every marketer have this question no matter how experienced they are!

Which channel brings the best ROI?

That’s not what we are going to talk about today.

We are gonna talk about the best platform which brings the best return on investment in India.

Before talking about the best channel, what are the marketing platforms available?

List it down.

Email Marketing…

Social media marketing…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)…

Content Marketing…

Conversion Rate Optimisation…

Affiliate Marketing…

And the list goes on…

Of all the above, pick your choice of the best return giving marketing channel.

Over the years of my experience, I have spoken to dozens of marketers and I keep on asking this question to them.

And, most of the time, the answer is the same.


SEO is the best return on investment providing channel…

And surprisingly, some premature guys are saying that SEO is dying.

That’s not true.

And that will not become a truth any shortly.

As far as people are searching things on the web, SEO will live.

If you are looking for a short period, then maybe SEO is not the best option.

But if you are future-focused, then definitely SEO can be the option to work on.

And of course, integrated holistic marketing is the best approach to follow.

If you do not have the resources to work on multiple platforms, then you can choose SEO.

But yeah, before jumping into it, do the basic research.

And anyway, all the platforms go handy.

If you do SEO, you get traffic to your site and you collect newsletter, thus fuelling your email marketing.

And SEO can not function without quality content.

You use social media traffic to boost SEO.

Do you agree with what I say?

Agree or not agree.

Comment below and let me know what platform you think will provide the best ROI.

We can create a healthy discussion on this topic here…

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