What is Marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is not advertising. It is not Google ads.

It is now social media postings or followers.

And of course, It is not a bunch of email listings.

Marketing is finding (or) alerting customers about your new products and offers!

Is that what marketing is?


That is also not marketing. It goes way beyond that.

In fact, most of the time, marketing has nothing at all to do with money.

If all these are not marketing, what the hell is that, then?

Marketing is the generous act of helping someone’s problem. (or) If you need to persuade someone to take action, you’re doing marketing.

It is about connecting who has the solution (your business) with the person who has a problem.

It is telling the person (who has a need or a problem) that, hey look, I think you are experiencing this problem, and this company has a solution for it. Have a look and if you trust them, then use them.

To understand the base of marketing, we should leave the external attributes like digital (in digital marketing), technical, tricks, shortcuts, and much more.

Take a step book. Come out and look at the overall structure of the marketing building!

Marketing is everywhere.

If you’re looking for votes in your class representative election, you’re marketing.

If you are tweeting, posting a selfie on Instagram, buying a bike, talking about a new movie released on Netflix today, you’re marketing.

A small piece of attention, care is also marketing.

And everybody is a marketer. Maybe, we do not do Marketing as we know it before, spending money.

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