The #1 strategy to get more traffic and sales for your business

Tons of videos and blogs are available on the web about the best strategies to implement to get more traffic and sales for your business.

What this single post is gonna teach you, which nobody else teaches?

But from my experience of running a business that generates millions of dollars every year, I learnt the most important strategy.

I’m gonna reveal that in this post. And this is the most basic thing

But before that,

Dozens of marketing leaders and influencers out there teach this for lots of money.

Source: TED

But not nobody gives a damn about it.

People attend seminars, conferences and purchase online courses to learn the best marketing, but yet they skip this most valuable basic step.

Providing value…

Provide value to your customers.

Once you get the first handful of prospects, and if you give them value, they will come back to you.

And there is something more they do: they refer you to their friends in case if they need your product.

This is what we call word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Marketers spend millions of money to reach customers.

They even spam people with their marketing budget.

Not all people give a look at these marketing efforts.

And even if people look at what’s inside, they do not find any value.

Every single penny goes away just because of the bad product.

That’s why every marketing leaders, on every possible occasion, says this – provide value to your customers.

And Marketers have the potential to provide potential to customers (aka) people.

If you provide value, people will give attention to you.

Then they will start trusting you.

Then the transaction or purchase part.

If we try to sell products without getting the people’s attention first, they will never make a purchase unless it’s a low-value

FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods – Shampoo, biscuits, etc) products.

And, once again, provide value to your customers.

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