The Future of Marketing – Integrated Digital Marketing (2021)

Are you a digital marketer?
Which marketing channel do you think is the best to use to get better results?
What are the digital marketing channels available?
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • SEM
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
and the list goes on…
Of all the above channels, which is the best channel to deploy?
As the blog title indicates, it’s not a single marketing channel. We need to leverage multiple channels to drive traffic and sales.
Integrated digital marketing does not mean using all the available marketing platforms.
It means using one channel in such a way it pushes another channel.
Here is the image from which best represents the process.
Source: Digital Deepak
As we can see in the image, content is the central part of all. People convert because they trust the content on our site. People convert as they get clear answers on the website for their questions.
In conventional SILO marketing, every channel functions without connections with any other platform.
But in Integrated digital marketing, every platform boosts another platform.
Let me explain.
Let’s say Karky is the digital marketer of Adventure Cycles which sells bicycles for trekking lovers.
He wrote good quality content on his website and optimized it for SEO.
The site ranked well and bicycle lovers started visiting her site.
The sales went up and he is happy! His boss is happy!
He then found his prospects were using social media to social post their trekking photos and videos.
He then created a social media marketing strategy to reach prospects there.
The campaign went good and the sales increased further.
Karky happy! Boos happy!
While analysing how website visitors perform, Karky found that only 5% of the visitors are converting.
Others leave the site without leaving any contact details.
Few come back again but the majority of prospects never return to the site.
To encourage the prospects to return, Karky created an exit pop-up that collects the email addresses of people who were about to left.
He then sends personalized offers and coupons codes to these prospects.
In other words, he started using email marketing.
Sales increased.
Karky happy! Boss happy!
As time passes, Karky decided to increase the website traffic by deploying Google Ads.
Traffic increased. Sales increased.
Everything is working fine here.
Karky is doing a great job!
Karky did a lot of good work.
But he still has one more work to do.
That is, Integrating all the channels he now uses.
Why does he need to integrate all the channels?
Because Integrated digital marketing is no longer an option for marketers.
It is necessary.
Karky is getting traffic from all the sources. He has a good conversation but still, there is a lot of room for optimization.
Karky now sells using:
  • Organic traffic
  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Email marketing
He now needs to integrate all of these.
If he Integrates his Facebook account with the website, he will deploy Facebook pixel.
Facebook will collect all the actions people perform on the website. People who came to his site but didn’t convert will be made into a list. When these people visit Facebook, FB will show our personalized ads to them. This is called Remarketing or Retargeting.
The same approach applies to Google ads.
You can retarget prospects who didn’t convert using Google ads.
Some percentage of people will click on these ads and visit content (website). They may signup newsletter or exit pop-up this time.
Social media boost email marketing list.
People from Google ads visit the website (content) and they really like it. So they click on the social icon which is available on the footer and follow Adventure Bicycles.
AdWords boost Social media marketing.
Those people after a month, on scrolling on social media, find a great offer and buy it. These people may not be purchase if Karky does not integrate his channel.
People who left the website without purchasing receive a mail on “best places to visit in Tamilnadu”, he clicks on it. He read the entire article. He moves to other articles and likes them.
He then thinks this company is providing great content. He goes on to follow the social company media.
Email marketing helps Social media and SEO.
These things are not possible if Karky does not Integrate every channel with his content.
Conversions will improve.
ROI will improve.
This is the power of Integrated marketing.

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